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Chlorella Algae

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Is Chlorella Algae a "Miracle Food?"


What is Is Chlorella Algae?

Chlorella algae is a single-cell form of algae that grows in fresh water and has been used for hundreds of years by people in Japan and Southeast Asia for its health benefits and attributes. 

There are many types of chlorella and it is grown throughout the world, however, many types of chlorella that is sold for its health benefits from "health food" stores and vitamin/supplement stores, may likely contain hazardous or toxic chemicals such as mercury, that you will need to avoid at all costs. Consumers of chlorella algae need to be careful about the quality and content as well as well the chlorella algae is grown. Chlorella algae is not grown in sufficient quantities in the USA to be commercially available. 

The reason why chlorella algae is getting so much publicity lately is due to the many the many health benefits it provides which is based on the high concentrations of "super" antioxidants it contains including carotenoids.

Chlorella algae also contains; carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamin B complex and vitamin K.

By volume, chlorella algae contains high amounts of fats, minerals, proteins and vitamins. It is therefore believed by several people to have numerous health benefits ranging from helping digestive issues to curing cancer. 

Many people "swear" to the health benefits they receive from chlorella algae.

Some people claim that chlorella algae helped them become cancer-free.

Others claim chlorella algae eliminated their constipation problems because of the "good bacteria" it delivers to digestive system.

Other people have stated that chlorella algae helps with their immunity defenses by detoxifying the body.

A lot of people on the internet have claimed that chlorella algae has; lowered their cholesterol, lowered their blood pressure, has cleared up their bacterial infection or their viral infection.  While many are claiming that chlorella algae helps prevent some types of cancer - or even cured their cancer, chlorella algae has NOT been scientifically studied wherein the results have proved that chlorella algae has actually cured anyone from cancer. Always consult your healthcare professional before starting/trying any new diet or supplement!

As of 2011, however, there is no scientific research that verifies these claims for human use.


Chlorella Algae

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Austin, Texas

"Changing the Way the World Makes and Uses Energy"


What is Algae Protein?

Algae is an excellent source of protein for both people and animals.

All strains of algae are naturally rich in protein with some strains having more protein content than others.

What is
Chlorella Vulgaris?

Chlorella Vulgaris is one of the most studied and researched of all algae as a resource for replacing fossil fuels.  

Chlorella Vulgaris algae are unicellular and from 5 to 10 μm in size.

In addition to providing transportation fuel, Chlorella Vulgaris has recently been successful in reducing, and sometimes - preventing the side effects from chemotherapy treatments. 

Chlorella Vulgaris has also been proven to reduce the risk of getting cancer. This is due to the fact that Chlorella Vulgaris contains the highest known source of chlorophyll content. 

Chlorella Vulgaris algae has sold for as much as $43,000 per ton.


Chlorella Algae

Algae Protein  *  Chlorella Vulgaris  *  Diatom Algae  *  EcoGeneration  *    NetZero Energy

"Changing the Way the World Makes and Uses Energy"




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Chlorella Algae

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